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About us

ZONKE KONKE COURIERS AND LOGISTICS is a trucking company that has been formed and registered as a private company which will source and provide renting, truck hiring, furniture removals, small packages as well as big and large shipment. And other medium to large business across South Africa even outside the Country. The company anticipates making profit in first year of operation in view of its large target market.

The business has targeted mainly the construction companies, furniture shops, firms, Municipality and other companies that need transport in their production process.

One of our competitive advantages towards other competitors is that our venture will aspire to establish a visible business, focusing on improving the brand, well marketed and managed business unlike most of our competitors who operate hand to mouth with no realistic prospects of becoming a fully-fledged reputable distributor in this field. Our main thing is to consistently provide ‘’ Just in Time’’ solutions to our clients to ensure that they add value to their business by focusing on their core business activities while we handle their transportation needs.

Mission Statement

ZONKE KONKE COURIERS AND LOGISTICS focuses on personalized service to its customers by offering convenience and rapid service through our custom designed distribution model called ‘’Just in Time’’. To ensure Safety, Catering for all kinds of Parcel, Being always available for our clients when they need us, Convenience and comfort to every customer. ZONKE KONKE COURIERS AND LOGISTICS will develop strong vendor relationship with the most conscious vendors who understand our philosophy.

Vision Statement

ZONKE KONKE COURIERS AND LOGISTICS is to be a leading quick JIT corporation in Gauteng and their vicinities through its diversified ‘’just in time service. We aim to uphold the economy by doing the right thing the first time, we aim to retain our customer through:

  • Offering JIT transport distribution service that will enhance our client’s economy and adding value to
  • Promoting customer relationship that encourage repeat business
  • Maintain professional image at all the time
  • Maintain an excellent work relationship with the vendor and suppliers of the transportation industry.